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    Hi, glad to be one of ya

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    Hi, glad to be one of ya

    Post by FluffybakuraHinataforever on Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:38 pm


    I'm FluffybakuraHinataforever.
    Some of you might know me as FAH, Fluffybakura aka Hinataforever, fluffybakura, Fluffybakura Hinata4ever, Fluffy or FluffybakuraHinata from other forums.
    I come from Austria and I am 22 years old.
    I write fanfics to live out my imagination and creativity.
    My current project is a FanFic about the great Wenezokei Clan and how it and the Main Character influence the Past, Present and Future of the Naturo Series.
    There exist about 20 Chapters so far plus a few specials like new Jutsu and the story of the Wenezkei Clan. I have the habit to post one chapter and wait for a response or a comment to it before I post the next chapter. When I know that someone reads it on a regular basis I post a chapter about every 3 days.
    Besides Naruto I like many other Animes, like Digimon, Code Geass, Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, Kickers, One Piece and some more....
    Well .... What is there more to say... I think my character traits will be revealed when I get a little bit more active here.


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