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    Misery- My Best friend

    Kiroishi Senko
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    Misery- My Best friend

    Post by Kiroishi Senko on Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:58 pm

    This is the weirdest personification misery can ever get…

    Additional note:
    ‘her’/ ‘she’ refers to Happiness (with quotes)
    her / she refers to Misery(without quotes)

    “Misery, my oldest friend,
    To what pleasure do I owe this meet?”
    “Oh nothing special…” replied Misery replied
    “Was passing by, thought I should greet”

    And misery stayed with me,
    For another, very long year…
    But misery slowly faded away,
    Driven away… by ‘her’…

    Who is ‘she’? That divine beauty?
    A mere teenage human girl?
    No, she was something much more…
    A mystery, that was waiting to unfurl.

    I met ‘her’ by chance, on a rainy night…
    Stranded on a lonely road, with no street light…
    Something sparked between the two of us,
    I couldn’t help but look in ‘her’ eyes… they were marvelous.

    We started meeting regularly,
    Our relationship grew stronger…
    And poor misery tried to stay with me,
    But her absence was becoming longer.

    Then one not so fine day,
    I saw ‘her’ with another man.
    Enjoying to ‘her’ heart’s content,
    Whoring out ‘herself’, like some crazy fan.

    I cried so hard, the tears wouldn’t stop.
    No one was by my side, all along…
    But misery arrived, like a good friend,
    And gave me a shoulder to cry upon.

    A year passed by, painfully slow,
    With misery at my side.
    But one day, ‘she’ returned…
    And misery had to say goodbye.

    Misery came to me one night,
    And confessed her undying love for me,
    But I rejected her feelings.
    We were friends, and that was all I would see.

    She left me that very moment,
    Crying bitterly, heartbroken…
    And I went to confess to ‘her’.
    Those were the last words I had ever spoken.

    I should have known,
    That the ‘happiness’ I pursued after,
    Was actually the real sorrow in disguise!
    I swear I could hear fate’s laughter.

    ‘She’ used me, and threw me away,
    Like a plaything that she thought I was.
    I had lost all of my happiness…
    My foolishness, being the cause.

    Sorrow and grief continues to torture…
    But this emotionless shell lives on…alone,
    Without any happiness, or love…
    Or anyone… to call his own…

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