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    EA Forum Rules [Read before posting!]


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    EA Forum Rules [Read before posting!]

    Post by Jackums on Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:03 am

    • No spamming/unnecessary posts
    • No flaming. (Eg, abusive behavior towards other members) If you have a problem with someone, bring it up with a staff member.
    • No creating of duplicate threads. Use the search function to check first.
    • No double posting.
    • No duplicate accounts. One per person.
    • No off-topic posts. Stick to the topic of the thread you're posting in.
    • Use spoiler tags for any information that has not yet been revealed in the forum you're posting in. (Eg. Use spoiler tags when revealing manga information in the dubbed and subbed sections)
    • No posting of inappropriate/explicit material.
    • Do not ask if you can be promoted to a moderator.
    • Do not post any form of illegal content.
    • No harassing staff members.
    • Don't talk back/rebel against the staff.
    • Watch the size of your signature. Anything noticeably too large will be removed.
    • Do not ask for any form of rep.
    • Do not plagiarize/steal another member's graphics to use as your own.
    • Do not post advertisement threads anywhere but the advertisement section.
    • Do not bump old threads unless necessary.
    • You can only change your username once every 6 months. If you wish to get your username changed, pm Jackums.
    • Try to get some length in your posts. Anything extremely short will be marked as spam and get deleted. (This rule doesn't apply to the 'Forum Games')
    • Use correct grammar in thread titles, please. If you accidentally spell something wrong or want your title changed, pm a staff member.
    • Do not in any way, mislead the staff members or make their job harder.

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